Question: What is the longest you know of someone being on a cycle? I have heard people say that they have been on for close to 20 weeks before. Could this be possible without committing murder or something?

Answer: I just had to laugh when we got your question. Not because of the question itself, but the mention of murder. I guess you could say there was a little bit of recognition there! Listen, cycles are relative and the length you stay on them depends greatly on several factors. There are three main criteria: One, it depends which drugs you’re using in combination. Two, it depends on how you have brought them in and out of the cycle throughout the time you stay on. And three, your overall tolerance of chemicals, physically, emotionally and mentally, is greatly dependent upon your own chemical make-up. You certainly need to take that into consideration when determining how long you’ll stay on. I know some guys who probably shouldn’t be on for longer than 6-8 weeks because they are intolerant physically, emotionally and mentally. They are chemically sensitive and react strongly to whatever they take—from anti-inflammatory drugs to sleeping pills to steroids—and should just stay off most chemicals. Then again, I know some people for whom Anabolic Steroids use hardly phases them in these ways. You’d think you were meeting the most calm, well-adjusted person in the world. And that isn’t to say that while they are tolerant, they are not getting results or are dull in some form or fashion to chemicals.

The point is, it all depends upon your chemical landscape and you don’t know how long you will be able to tolerate an AS cycle until you try. A good suggestion for you if you are considering remaining on longer than the requisite 8 weeks or so: Try to really research your cycle, rather than just slopping it together. It’s important to know, for instance that some drugs like Deca don’t kick in until the fourth week or so, and therefore, should remain in the mix longer. You can almost map out your actual cycle in one color ink on a graph and then map out when they begin kicking in and working with another pen. This shows you that there is often a great amount of overlap there and that many people actually don’t stay on long enough, or don’t combine the drugs that are compatible in terms of half-life and effectiveness. As for the actual amount I’d heard someone stayed on, it’s horrendous… about 6 or 7 months straight. When he finally came off (and he came off relatively slowly too) he was suicidal. I don’t recommend any cycle exceed 12-16 weeks. You’ve pretty much gotten what you need from that cycle if that’s how long you’ve been on it, no matter what its content and combination. Besides, you have a wicked mess to clean up in terms of your own body’s mechanisms and secretions. You’re pretty much at ground zero in terms of actual natural hormonal function after 4 months, so it’s a good idea to have a mop up plan! One last thing: Don’t stay on for an indeterminate time. In other words, don’t just keep going, prolonging your cycle without some kind of idea of why you are. Drugs tend not to work, and side effects worsen when you do things like that, not to mention the fact that the receptors burn out for longer periods of time with that practice. Set your time, plan your cycle intelligently and quit while you’re ahead.

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nolvadexAnti-Estrogens – Used to block receptor sites, not stop conversion of AAS to estrogen. So when it’s already converted, anti-estrogens block the body from this action. TAKE ANTI-ESTROGENS BEFORE AND AT THE FIRST SIGN OF RECEPTOR ACTIVITY (GYNECOMASTIA), OR BETTER YET, ALONG WITH AN AROMATASE INHIBITOR

Nolvadex is the best example of an anti-estrogen. It binds itself to estrogen receptors and blocks the ability of estrogen to attach itself to these areas of the body, such as the breast and testes. It is a very useful compound and garners positive results. It has been used to treat breast cancer for years in those whose circulating levels of estrogen are too high to support the shrinking of estrogen-caused tumors. It is actually possible to reverse action of an existing growth process of diseased tissue and prevent further growth. So those already showing signs of gynecomastia should take Nolvadex. Don’t confuse Nolvadex and Arimidex (see below) – they are often lumped together as the same kind of drug, but are not. Nolvadex, again, does not prevent aromatization but acts as an estrogen antagonist. It does not prevent testosterone from converting, but fights with them for receptor position.

Anti-Aromatase – Used to block the conversion of aromatizing AAS to estrogen, and actually block the production of estrogens in the body through binding to the enzyme aromatase. Many bodybuilders use this class of drugs during cycles with particular steroids to avoid any mop up any undesirable hormonal activity. TAKE ANTI-AROMATASE BEFORE ANY SYMPTOMS OF AROMATIZATION HAVE OCCURRED AT THE BEGINNING OF A CYCLE.

Arimidex is often confused with an anti-estrogen, but it is actually an aromatase inhibitor. It is appropriately used when using large amounts of aromatizing AAS, or when you are prone to developing gynecomastia and using moderate amounts of AAS. In a nutshell, as with all aromatase inhibitors, the mechanism of action is to block the conversion of aromatizable steroids to estrogen. So, it is in direct contrast to the mechanism and action of an anti-estrogen, such as Clomid or Nolvadex, which are merely in place to block estrogen receptors in some tissues, such as the breast tissue and area of the testes. So, generally, if you are using Arimidex, you wouldn’t be using Clomid, but you may find a few benefits in doing so.

Fortunately, Arimidex doesn’t have the side effects of some aromatase inhibitors, such as Cytadren or others and will also develop a high degree of estrogen blocking. It is possible to reduce estrogen too much with Arimidex, however, and testing should always take place.

This newer aromatase inhibitor is quite expensive, however, and costs about $7 -$9 per milligram.

Synthetic Estrogens – Used to kickstart a person’s own sex hormones by influencing the hypothalamohypophysial testicular axis to release more gonadotropin so that rapid release of FSH and LH occurs. USE THESE POST CYCLE TO KICKSTART YOUR OWN HORMONAL ASSAY

Clomid is often lumped in with anti-estrogens or anti-aromatase/ aromatase inhibiting drugs, but it is something different altogether. It is a synthetic estrogen and belongs to the group of sex hormones, as Nolvadex does (surprisingly). Clomid is effective when the body’s own testosterone production is lagging or suppressed because of AAS. So, ti’s the reason that most take Clomid after steroids are discontinued. It’s very important to restore normal levels of testosterone as quickly as possible so that the loss of strength and muscle mass is minimized. HCG is a great combination for Clomid and offers even better results. The anti-estrogenic effects of Clomid are lower than those found in Proviron and Teslac, it is primarily taken as a testosterone stimulant (via gonadotropin stimulating effects).

Question:   What are the strongest steroids on the market today?

Answer: Well, the most powerful steroids today are often not the most ideal. Then again, some are. We can classify, again, based on our opinion, but someone out there is going to say, “Oh no way man! You have it all wrong!” Since we hate being wrong, that’s going to suck. But, since we do this for a living, we probably aren’t wrong, so there you have it. Confused yet? We are. But here goes… The most powerful/ strongest steroids, in our opinion and in no particular order, are these:





Anadrol would have to be our pick for the absolute strongest, followed by Halotestin, Tren and Test. D-Bol could make this list in 5th place. When you ask “What is the strongest?” We see all factors. We consider how effective and powerful it is at packing on mass, side effects, and everything in between. Given that, we’d also add EQ onto the list, because it has so few sides for the amount of gain it gives you. Tren and EQ together is great, whereas Anadrol is toxic no matter what it partners with. It does give you tremendous strength gains, but it also gives you a splitting headache and dangerously high blood pressure. D-bol gives you high blood pressure, but amazing gains. Nothing is perfect, but these are certainly a good start. Realistically, Tren, Test, EQ and D-bol are more user friendly than Anadrol and Halotestin, so you’ll use these more often. And really, that should be a part of the criteria as well – how often you can use them!  Remember, Tren is great for short strength cycles, Test does better in an 8-10 week cycle. EQ and D-bol can run either off season or pre-contest. It all depends on what you need, who you are and what YOU prefer!

testosterone-cycleTestosterone is popular with bodybuilders and it is cost effective. Testosterone cypionate is similar to testosterone enanthate, but injections with Testosterone cypionate are usually less frequent. This drug works well alone or stacked to design a great bulking cycle. Although it comes with a high risk of side effects, it is excellent for building mass. Keep in mind that for many people, a bulking cycle involves gaining fat, muscle and water weight, and that is perfectly normal.

Most people take 200 mg- 100 mg of testosterone cypionate each week. If you are using this drug for the first time, you will see incredible results- even if you take less than 500 mg. Someone who is an advanced bodybuilder or athlete would benefit from taking 500 mg- 1000 mg weekly. Please note that you can stack it with a different anabolic-androgenic steroid. Cypionate will help you build new muscle mass, increase your strength and your training aggressiveness. Cypionate is a long acting testosterone product. When injected, it is released into the body slowly. Typically, cypionate is injected once a week, and it will help you make significant gains- even if you use it alone. Since this drug is long acting, you will be able to inject less often and your blood levels will remain stable.

Testosterone cypionate is an excellent choice for an individual that is using steroids for the first time. A cycle of 500 mg weekly for up to 10 weeks is a good choice for the first cycle, and it can create incredible gains in muscle mass. Keep in mind that discontinuing this product because of side effecta is not recommended, because since it is a long acting steroid, the side effects will occur over extended periods of time.

Remember, that any kind of testosterone can be difficult to control. Side effects may occur, so it would be helpful to have ancillary drugs around. However, keep in mind that testosterone is effective and one of the best products for increasing muscle mass, and it stacks well with almost anything. The best part about cypionate, is that it only requires one injection weekly, and the gains you will make are significant. For these reasons, cypionate is attractive and popular with many bodybuilders and first time users. Most people that are new to using steroids, prefer to inject less often. In addition, some people use more than 1000 mg a week.

Keep in mind that cypionate may cause water retention. Therefore, this product is not a great choice for cutting phases and dieting. In addition, levels of estrogen may increase, so some people develop gynecomastia. If you feel an uncomfortable soreness, a lump or swelling in the chest, you can use an ancillary drug like Proviron or Nolvadex. These drugs will lessen the effects of estrogen significantly, and the steroid will be more tolerable to use.

human-chorionic-gonadotropinThe Human Chorionical Gonadotropin or HCG in short does not occur as an anabolic steroid, though as a natural hormone that does develop within a pregnant woman’s placenta. HCG is widely used alongside androgenic steroids after or during the treatment. As aforementioned, most injectable and oral steroids have been known to cause lots of negative feedback mostly after specific levels and certain durations of steroid usage.  Because the exogenous HCG contains traits that are almost similar and identical to the traits of the hormone LH, it however makes the HCG of absolute interest on athletes.

Within the body of males the LH starts the stimulation of the cells of the leydig within the testes, which then stimulates the production in total of testosterone. Due to this reason, many athletes end up using injectable HCG so that they could be able to increase all the levels of testosterone production. After nidation within the placenta, HCG is then formed. HCG has lutenizing traits because it is very similar to the LH or the lutenizing hormone which is found within the anterior part of the pituitary gland. In the initial 4-10 weeks characterizing a pregnancy, HCG that has already been formed then allows a continued formation of the hormone estrogen as well as gestagen within the corpi-luteum or yellow bodies.

After this the placenta is then able to produce the two hormones.  HCG is produced from a pregnant female’s urine as it is excreted within its natural form, being derived from the blood through the female’s urine and passing well via the kidneys. HCG that is available commercially is sold more as a very dry substance, which could be used, by both women and men. In females, HCG, which is in an injectable form, does allow ovulation because of its influence on the last stages of ovum development, which then stimulates ovulation. This continues to aid the production of estrogen as well as some of the corpi-luteum. What happens is that a signal is usually sent all the way to the testicular axis in the hypothalamo-hypophysial mostly due to the reason that the steroids offer the hypothalamus wrong decisive signals.

The hypothalamus then sends a signal to the hypo-physis for it to reduce and end the natural production of the follicle stimulating hormone plus the LH. Hence, the production of testosterone decreases because the leydig cells which testosterone produces do produce within the testes are never stimulated sufficiently. As the body is usually in need of a specific amount of time for it to commence the production of testosterone, a bodybuilder after stoppage of steroid intake, goes through a hard transitional phase that usually goes together with a specific loss in terms of muscle mass and muscle strength.

The administration of HCG, which is done directly as well as immediately after the treatment of steroid, aids in the reduction of the condition as HCG happens to increase the production of testosterone within the testes quite fast and overtly reliable. In addition, HCG could check cases of reduced libido plus overt spermatogenesis effectively.